I have been seriously interested in photography for well over 45 years. I got my first "real" camera at 15, having worked a newspaper route for a long time, I saved and saved, and was finally able to purchase a Nikon F with 105mm lens. I was not able to afford the additional Photomic light meter, so I learned to expose the hard way - trial and error. In those days it was of course all film, black and white was the choice. It was the cheapest and most forgiving, but obviously also had many other great qualities. On special occasions a color slide film found its way into the camera, but this was a rare event. 

Over the years I was fortunate to make enough money to explore different camera platforms, from Leica range-finder cameras, medium format, and finally 4x5 inch large format. I enjoyed all of these as they have different advantages, but central to the process was the all-manual workings. I've stuck with this approach to this day, having never been a fan of the modern autofocus/autoexposure SLR or DSLR cameras. They are of course great for many different kinds of photography, but for me the automation takes away from the image creation process. I simply get too sloppy with things, because it's all done for you (you hope).


Today, it is of course all digital, the darkroom being replaced by the computer. I enjoy this transition, it allows for creative adjustments that would have been difficult and/or very time consuming in the darkroom days, and you do not have to deal with nasty chemicals.

The website shows some of my recent work, a few images from my 4x5 film days are also included. I hope my images can speak for themselves,  no explanation other than a brief location is given.

Today, I'm still using all-manual camera systems. I use technical cameras from Alpa®, lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach and a high-resolution digital back from PhaseOne.  The best camera is always the one you  have with you, so the iPhone® gets used a lot on scouting trips.

Improvising on location in Barbados.

Improvising on location in Barbados.